With apologies, Phoenix Ark can take no new submissions for two years. Fed up with the cynicism in the industry we are doing it the other way around, namely approaching authors who catch our eye, and are unashamedly hoping to create a community of talent, fun, and connection in London. We will also not work with agents, for that period, and by finding authors ourselves, remove their percentages, offering more balanced and realistic advances, for a long term publishing adventure together. If Phoenix Ark is at first a virtual publisher, it plans to make a very vital inroad into the reading and publishing world.

If publishers are interested in publishing Phoenix Works, in Hardcopy or translation, please contat the blog direct at

Phoenix Ark are seeking small scale investors to help raise base capital for an intimate new Publisher. We can’t promise anything immediate, but it will be an adventure, especially with interest from people with knowledge of the industry in America. Please contact the blog directly.

Phoenix are looking for a talented, computer literate self starter in London, who can come on board for virtually nothing to begin, but with a view to being a vital part of a new company. Please contact the blog.

For our authors Click here

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