Honestly, have people no shame and don’t they know that those with WordPress blogs can see the searches here?! As one lawyer at the UK firm Manches certainly knew, as he signed up and hovered in the wings, trying to intimidate, probably on behalf of Michael Jacobs, the President at my publisher Abrams and later Chairman of a Campaign against US Censorship. As, in that vicious and monumental cover up, he, or certainly someone very senior, instructed an entire department not to read a blog, refused to identify himself or communicate, then set his hired UK henchmen to work to try and silence me under European Privacy and Human Rights laws! The values of a New York Publisher, in the land of the First Amendment and Free Speech. The nasty little man tried to share a love of The Flaming Lips, that band Tamar Brazis gave to me and never understood, as she wrecked a life and career.

All those terrified people at work behind the scenes, bad friends at home or abroad, may tut-tut at what I have said, how I have revealed very painful things, or at times perhaps humiliated myself to fight back against the true destruction of a life and valuable career, but what awful and shameful ‘back room’ gossip-obsessed cowards we can be! It was the story at “Family Abrams”, it is the story everywhere and it’s of course only the people we love and need that ever destroy or betray us.

So I dedicate these last three days of Kickstarter and the failing Light of The White Bear campaign to Seetha, or Sita, wife of Rama (Avatar of Vishnu) and in Indian myth, faith and story the incarnation of womanly and wifely virtues! Calling to her dedication, self sacrifice, courage and purity… I cough quietly into a handkerchief but if you want to lurk, laugh, gloat, encourage, get over yourself and your fear, join the brave 41 and save a project (for itself or kicking back against the system), so Back this Project, you can see me trying to speak by CLICKING HERE

Thank you. And a special thank you and a sorry to Sarah H, who wrote to say she wanted to support and has been waiting for so long, but couldn’t until her next pay check. Such people touch my heart but make me ashamed too, though I assure you the reason it never came out goes as deep as anything can.



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  1. Anonymous

    Dear Mr DCD,
    I pulled some strings and am now able to help with the kick starter! I read your post and I just couldn’t go on reading without trying a bit harder to allocate the funds necessary to contribute . As a fan, I wish you success in all your endeavors. I hope you meet your quota and cannot wait for LoTWB if you do!🙂 Take care and Godspeed.

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