MICHAELANGELO’S MOUSE by David Clement-Davies 2.99p Amazon Kindle.


Fire Bringer which Richard Adams, author of the celebrated Watership Down, described it as “one of the best anthropomorphic fantasies” known to him. With a new introduction, Phoenix brings it exclusively to ebook. For young and old alike, set among the deer and animals of 13th century Scotland, Fire Bringer is one of those uncatagorisable classics, that crosses reading ages, and will enchant, move and thrill across the board. $3.99 Amazon Kindle

Epic stuff, complete with bloodcurdling action and a dramatic finish!’
Time Out Kids Out

A moving, engrossing tale of love, loyalty, bravery, treachery and, ultimately, sacrifice…’ London Parents’ Guide

Few first novels can be quite as gripping as this . . . A racy volume full of courage, loyalty, love, and hatred’ Oxford Times Weekend

The Sight too is loved by younger and older readers and was described by Kirkus in the US, in another starred review as ‘a heartbreaking work of imaginative vision’. In an authorial afterword, in our ebook versions, the author describes his trip to Romania, just after the revolution there, and how many of the ideas for an unforgetable legend of Wolf and Man, of Larka and Fell, were formed. $3.99 Amazon Kindle

The Sight (Sight, #1)

Fell is the ravishing sequel to The Sight and soon available in a special digital co-edition. $3.99 Amazon Kindle

SCREAM OF THE WHITE BEAR Coming digitally this year

Publisher’s note: This cover is taken from an Abrams design by Chad Beckermann on the Internet and will change. We have tried to bring out Scream in hardcopy, but the approach now is to take it to the public via eBook.

Set in the polar wilds of the arctic, Scream tells the story of Uteq, a little polar bear born with a black paw, who fights to save his kind and find the truth in a world of stories, legends and failed belief. Glawnaq is his enemy, as is the world of man, in an extraordinary epic of love, fear and courage that introduces a host of extraordinary new characters from the pen of someone who has been described as a ‘Master of animal fantasy’.


The Telling Pool is a beautifully wrought Arthurian fantasy set on the borders of Wales, following the magical adventures of Rhodri Falcon and his quest to save his father’s heart from the clutches of an evil enchantress. It was shortlisted for the Tir Na Nog prize in the UK. This is the US edition. Amazon $4.99


Our adult imprint is devoted to stylish crime/mystery and fantasy based storytelling, with a literary quality, yet page turning edge.

ICE by Dominic Sands – A story of love and murder set in Renaissance Italy. 2.99p Amazon Kindle

The Blood Garden by David C Davies. A vampire stalks the stage at Covent Garden, in a tale that blends crime and fantasy. An entirely new genre. 4.99p Amazon Kindle

Fire Bringer and The Sight also appear in our Adult Catalogue, because they are cross level books. They are only available through Phoenix Ark as Ebooks.


Leonardo’s Little Book of Wisdom, compiled and edited by Foreman Saul is a unique addition to the whelter of ‘self help’ books, giving you the words of a true genius straight from the horse’s mouth and containing many of his ‘humorous’ Prophecies. .99p Amazon Kindle


David Clement-Davies: David was brought up and educated in England, studied at Westminster and Edinburgh University and has published five successful novels, that have achieved wide acclaim, a following of around 300,000 readers worldwide, and several prizes and starred reviews in the US and UK. He launches Scream of the White Bear with Phoenix Ark, in his classic animal fantasy, but is delighted to be bringing out a new semi-historical series, for younger readers, with The Pimple Club.

Adam Guild: Adam is one of our new writers and with Tube Mouse quickly caught our eye, a story of Billy Buckley, shrunk to the size of a mouse on the London Underground, and a tale that’s literally electrifying. Adam also sculpts, has worked in journalism, writing about London, and has been a teacher. Tube Mouse will be his first ‘novel’ for younger readers.

Rudyard Kipling: is of course a long dead voice, in but his classic tales are a beautiful addition to the WildCall imprint, specialising in animal stories, and supporting the founder’s lead. They include a new introduction and short biography. Nobel laureate, from the days of Empire, Kipling has been both unfashionable and controversial, but it is the power of his storytelling, and his voice between man and nature that has appealed to Phoenix Ark.

David C Davies: Is the adult pen name of David Clement-Davies and The Blood Garden his first, nervous outing into adult crime fantasy.

Santiago Elordi: Santiago is a poet, novelist and Chilean prize winner. His poem “Letter to a Queen” is one of the highlights of The Poet’s Sweatshop. He is currently Chilean Cultural attaché in Rome.

Saul David is a military historian, frequent TV presenter and highly published author of both fiction and non-fiction.

Oscar Wilde: Known for so much, though we think little like Stephen Fry, Oscar Wilde’s Children’s Stories, from The Selfish Giant to The Happy Prince, put so-called fantasy or fairy tale writing on another level.

Barnaby Rogerson is a travel writer and the co-publisher at one of the UK’s leading travel literature specialists ‘Eland’

Philip Mount: Philip is of course a painter first, but with his Cultural Essay on Opulence strikes a vivid blow for the cross cultural, and painting in words, as well as remarkable pictures.

Anthony Gardiner is a novelist and editor of the Royal Society of Literature magazine.

Eugenia Anastasiou is a cultural whizz and film and TV producer.

Jack London: Another classic writer whose White Fang and Call of the Wild directly inspired the founder. WildCall is planning an edition of The Call of the Wild to celebrate his extraordinary life, his mastery of animal writing, and his blending of that with a realistic and often highly political human context. To come.

Dominic Sands: Introducing Dominic is a rare treat, because we think that Ice, his Renaissance styled novella, will become a classic.

Bill Shakespeare: We rank the greatest genius of them all among Phoenix authors too, because William is an unending inspiration, and his poems also appear in the growing collection in The Poet’s Sweatshop.

Mary Shelley: Another bygone genius, Mary Wollenscroft’s Frankenstein was revolutionary in its day, and it is the language and psychological depth of the novel that places it as one of the great classics among Phoenix planned books. The story is very far from the simple horror story it has become, and once again it is the fascination with the orignal craft of storytelling that drew us to it. To come.


2 responses to “PA BOOKS AND AUTHORS

  1. Tiffany Bertrand

    Maybe your next animal book could be about Kar. Don’t close The Sight story up yet.

  2. Tiffany Bertrand

    Question about The Sight/Fell universe for Mr.Davies about Kar.

    Did Kar ever see Larka again? Did he achieve to go The Lovely Place beyond the Red Meadow like Larka did at the end of his life.

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