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David Clement-Davies is the author of several highly acclaimed and bestselling novels, including The Telling Pool and The Sight. His books have been called “intricately crafted” (The Boston Globe), “a hurtling ride” (Kirkus Reviews), and “a masterpiece” (Booklist). Young readers are equally enthralled: His and kid reviews number in the many hundreds and include such praise as “an instant classic,” “too cool for words,” and “absolutely stunning.”

30 responses to “THE NEW BEGINNING

  1. Travis

    The first book I read written by DCD was “The Sight” and it was profound. My eyes watered up more then I’d like to admit.the message behind the story was lovely and a lot more meaningful then most other books I find. When I read “Fell” the same emotion that just gripped me flew off every page and I couldn’t put that down. I started reding your books a few years ago. I am 21 now and still when I re-read them they still can grip me. I live in America and was joyous when I found out about the scream of the white bear back around 2010. I know it’s been a few years but I still want to say this. I recently looked into why I couldn’t get the scream of the white bear and I was shocked at what I found. I had no idea the things people put him through. I can’t claim to understand all of it because I don’t fully understand how books get published but what I did understand is it created a lot of turmoil. One thing I would like to say, even if David Clement-Davis never sees this, even if these simple words don’t mean anything, you have fans out there that are willing to wait to read your books until whenever you deem it ready or whenever your ready yourself and even understand if it doesn’t get published in the US. I’m saying this just incase you do see it and the words do mean something. Everyone deserves a reminder that people like what they do! (Sorry for the long and possibly late comment)

  2. Kid-Who-Likes-To-Pretend-Her-Name-Is-Larka (AKA Maddie)

    I know you don’t want to read more comments from kids waiting for Scream of the White Bears, but really… how long have I been waiting? Three years? (I could be wrong in my reasoning, but… it was a long time)
    I realize you’re busy with Phoenix-Ark-Press, but I noticed you published the Terror Times Spies (Quite recently, in fact). If you published that… why didn’t you publish Scream of the White Bears? A lot more readers (Including me!) are waiting for Scream of the White Bears… and I actually hadn’t heard of the Terror Times Spies until just now while flipping through your website.
    … Then again, you cut yourself off from that other publishing company (What was it? Abrams?), and they could hold the rights to the book…
    Whatever the problem is, could you please try and let your readers know? We’ve all been waiting in baited silence for the book to be published.

  3. i think you should make the sight into a movie

  4. Caila

    The sight is the best book i have ever read. I also love the books fell firebringer and the telling pool. I have never read the alchemists of barbal but i really want to. Please write more books.

  5. Silver A. Hunt

    I have read all of your books and I loved them. I have a passion for wolves, so I especially loved the sight and fell. I reread the books all the time! When is the scream of the white bears coming out in the u.s.? I teally want to read it!! I really want to read it. I hope u keep righting books because there wasn’t one I didn’t like yet!

  6. Sara

    Mr. Clement-Davies,
    I’ve read the sight years ago–when I was in middle school–which was sometime between 2005-2006. After I read the book, my school librarian told me that you were going to visit my school and give a presentation and that she would introduce you to me. I was extatic and was very excited to meet you because you were and still are one of my favorate authors. My school was called Aprende Middle School in Chandler, AZ if you happen to remember, but if not its totally fine 🙂 Anyways, Sense middle school I have read The Sight and FIre Bringer multiple times, both being in my list of top 5 favorite books. Your books have made me want to write for a living, and I have excelled in my writting classes in college, but I cant seem to stick with an idea for very long. Which is okay because my true calling is graphic design, but I always enjoy writing short stories and your novels continue to inspire me. I just learned that you have a new book called Scream of the White Bears, but it’s not published in the states? Do you happen to know when it will be published? I’d really really love to read it 🙂
    Thank you for being an amazing author and for writing awesome books

    Sara Wright

  7. Clarissa

    I read The Sight every summer. This will be the fourth summer I have read it, and it is still my most prized possesion. Because I live in an area with tornados occasionally, this is the first book I grab before going to shelter. The Sight has made me want to write my own books. I have always loved Davids stories since I was little with “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron” At the time I didn’t know you wrote it, because I always watched the movie. After doing more research to find every one of Davids books, I found out that you have been my idol for as long as I lived. Spirit made me love horses, and The Sight made me love wolves. if you write any more animal fiction, I may have to go live in a zoo. Don’t stop writing, because when I am a published author too, I really wish to write a book with you.

    • What a charming email, Clarissa. There is a confession, and that is spirit was written on the back of the film and not the other way around so I cannot claim real authorship, except for a certain style. I can for the others though. I am sure you will eb a writer one day, though there are many great things to do in life.


  8. Fang

    I am really young to be reading these i know, only 10 but Mr. Clement-Davies, your books and writings have changed my life!! Please write some more of them!!! You will always be my favorite author!

    • Thank you so much, Fang. Sometimes the publishers who wouldn’t listen to the values or ideas I talk about in my stories should hear that., but it’s wonderful for a writer too. I’ll try to go on with those stories. I don’t think you are too young, and to say something like that makes me proud indeed. Thank you for writing.

      All best, David CD

  9. Ray

    I am currently reading ‘The Sight’, I’m onto the part where they’ve just found that Sklavka has taken Bran. It is an amazing book, I practically cannot put it down.I very much look forward to reading ‘Fell’ and hope that it will be just as enjoyable as its prequal.

  10. Alex

    I recently read the novels; The Sight and Fell and was disappointed when I saw that there were no more novels continuing the series. Another novel should continue on exactly where the novel Fell left off. To date Fell is one of my favorite novels and I plan on purchasing my own copy. Stories told from the perspectives of wolves are far and few and good ones are even fewer, though I hope another book will continue from Fell with the same characters.

  11. steph

    i love your books and can’t wait for scream of the white bears!

  12. Silvercat

    I can’t wait to read! I loved the Sight and Fell! so i am sure the dragon in the post will be wonderful!

  13. Audrey

    The Sight is my favorite book of all time and I love all of your animal fiction. I have been so excited to read Scream ever since I heard about it! I hope there is a horse story somewhere in your writing future. Good Luck Pheonix

  14. Cathy

    I enjoyed The Sight on an e-book and I would like to know if Fell will be out as an E-book anytime soon.

  15. Buwie

    Picked up The Sight in 7th grade about 8 years or so ago and it’s been my most prized book out of all the books I own. Fell was just as great. Firebringer is another one that is beautifully written and also graces my shelves. I was extremely disappointed when Scream of the White Bears wasn’t released in the U.S. It was the book that I was most looking forward to reading. I hope it gets the release in the U.S. that it deserves.

    I’ll keep checking back for news.

    Keep on writing this wonderful world. One that’s kept me enthralled for years.


  16. Fennec

    For such a painful birth, Phoenix Ark is built on beautiful principles. It’s hard to imagine a publishing company built on human values instead of numbers and clockwork. Pure artistry and business have long been in conflict on any medium. Therefore I wish the best for this beginning, and everything it stands for. Ultimately, it’s not only about the books, it’s about the artists.

    Scream of the White Bears may not reach America for a long time, but we’ve waited this long, so we can hold out longer. Animal fiction is a severely overlooked type of storytelling currently, and associated with exclusively children’s reading. There’s nothing wrong with youthful appeal, only that cross appeal becomes ruled out when people view it in an exclusive light. The animals involved are really mirrors into our own behavior and into our innermost struggles. Through the eyes of these creatures we can look at human nature in any number of ways. A prime example of the introspection offered is displayed by the pact made in The Sight. Larka, Kar and Fell all experience struggles facing responsibility, internal battles and acceptance of the challenges presented in the world around them. Through their unique relationships and conflicts, they express what it is to be human. Essentially, as a pact, they are one unit. Watching they’re resolution unfold over the course of these books has been a heartbreaking, liberating and wonderful experience. Truthfully these books are more meaningful than the frivolous and forgettable fare that publishing companies send into the mainstream these days, in the name of quick cash. Quite simply, they hit close to heart, these books are ‘real’.

    Writers or non writers, may none of us ever be forced to lose our voices. Full speed ahead Phoenix Ark.

  17. Thank you all, very much. DCD

  18. Taylor L Guidotti

    All of David Clement Davies books are wonderful, but the ones with the wolves are the best. Fire Bringer was really great, but the Sight comes on top. TG

  19. Layah

    Your work is the most astonishing work I have ever come across. They are the best stories ever! Fire Bringer was so deep and full of meaning, the sight was just fantastic and Fell was incredible! You don’t know how much I look forward to Scream of the White bears, I love your work. I hope all goes well for you!

  20. tiffany Bertrand

    I’m one your fans also for your animal stories. I hope Scream of the White Bears finds it’s way to Canada by the end of this year for Christmas cause I really want to read it. I’ll be checking back to see if you put anything of news about the bears online.


  21. May ‘Scream’ sail on the wings of this new-found phoenix. I am so sorry for the hardships you’ve encountered in getting this project off the ground, and I sincerely hope to see it on shelves in the near future. Thank you for describing the passion and nature that is the heart of writing, and being a voice for artists whom haven’t the means and/or courage to be heard.

  22. Danny E. Luyt

    I truly enjoy your work in the writing world. I’ve enjoyed all your books and your characters that bring most a sensation of belief as if they were to pop out at us. I’ve never read anything as good as Fire Bringer, The Sight and the never ending favorite Fell. I can’t wait to see the mystical world of the bears!. I hope that you never stop writing.

  23. David G. Friguletti

    I really enjoyed fell it was an excellent sequel to The Sight. I love you books and look forward to reading Scream of the White Bear.
    If it is going to be released in England first when do we need to look forward to seeing it in the states.
    Thanks again for you excellent stories and may you write many more.

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