The Phoenix Founder is also a travel journalist and the thrills and spills of travelling, reflections and other contributions are now on offer from him and other fine writers in examples of Phoenix Ark Press Travel Writing:

Travel writing and how it died with a Short Walk in the Hindu Kush

Travels in the Romanian Mind?

Prince Phillip and a strange repose on Corfu

Judicial Shooting Incident on Corfu

Edward Lear, Skop’s owls and empty coffers

Christmas in Rome

In the Grand Canyon

The NorthWest Frontier Province

Ostia and real Roman Baths

The Grand Canyon, Eric York and The Black Death

THE 9/11 MOSQUE and New York City?

John Keats in Rome

A painter in New York

On Wiltshire and TE Lawrence

Of the great travellers and travel writers

A morning in the Forum

Travelling Voices

Marathons, Moore and Krishnamurti in Rome

In the Company of Wolves

Muskingham County Farm – News Travels

On Roosevelt and American ‘madness’

The great voyage of The Plastiki

Picaresque voyages in America

A Roman Sunday

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