A Publisher’s Top Tens/New York and London

1) The Flaming Lips – Do you realise, everyone you know – someday – will die
2) Ryan Adams – F*** me up, steal all my records…
3) Travelling Wilburys – Handle With Care
4) Stones – I can’t get no, satisfaction, um…but I try!
5) Doors – Riders on the Storm
6) Cyndi Lauper – If you fall, I will catch you, I will be waiting, time after time
7) Bruce – The River, despite the awkward rhyme about the economy and getting much work lately
8) Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon
9) Beethoven – Ode to Joy
10) Don Maclean – Bye Bye Miss American pie

Ah yes, and a publisher’s top ten novels

1) War and Peace
2) The Master and Margerita
3) A Hundred years of Solitude
4) The Scarlet and the Black
5) Lord of the Rings
6) Animal Farm
7) The Sun Also Rises
8) The Human Stain
9) The Quiet American
10) Fire Bringer (obviously!)

And finally, top ten movies

1) Dr Zhivago
2) 8 Mile
3) Half Nelson
4) Les Enfants Du Paradis
5) ET
6) The Lives of Others
7) Love and Death
8) Ben Hur
9) Adaptation
10) Cyrano de Bergerac

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