Help us choose a logo

Which do you like?


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4 responses to “Help us choose a logo

  1. Max

    I would say the top left as well, notably because it would stand complete on a spine. Checking Firebird’s logo, it does not seem so close as to cause confusion or accusations of plagiarism.

    If it is reminiscent of anything, I would say it has some fascist connotation. But then not all who quote Nietzsche are fascists, of course..!

    • Ah, another publisher speaks (they’re in London too, and have the most beautiful house), thank you, Max. Have I been quoting Nietsche again?! Poor fellow did go crazy in the end, but some of those aphorisms! Currently going for that suggestion of a phoenix, rather than a sledge hammer, the problem is it looks absurd as a Gravatar!


  2. Thanks Izabela. Ironically Fire Bringer went to Firebird, originally in a text that was so small one younger reader said he threw it across the room in anger when he first got it, until Dutton produced another great paperback edition. I of course, being only the author, had no say in design.

  3. Izabela

    I’d say the bottom right image is the most compelling. I like how it incorporates the red into the flames of the phoenix. The top left is nice but reminds me too much of Firebird Books-

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