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“Scream of the White Bears may not reach America for a long time, but we’ve waited this long, so we can hold out longer. Animal fiction is a severely overlooked type of storytelling currently, and associated with exclusively children’s reading. There’s nothing wrong with youthful appeal, only that cross appeal becomes ruled out when people view it in an exclusive light. The animals involved are really mirrors into our own behavior and into our innermost struggles. Through the eyes of these creatures we can look at human nature in any number of ways. A prime example of the introspection offered is displayed by the pact made in The Sight. Larka, Kar and Fell all experience struggles facing responsibility, internal battles and acceptance of the challenges presented in the world around them. Through their unique relationships and conflicts, they express what it is to be human. Essentially, with a pact, they are one unit. Watching their resolution unfold over the course of these books has been a heartbreaking, liberating and wonderful experience. Truthfully these books are more meaningful than the frivolous and forgettable fare that publishing companies send into the mainstream these days, in the name of quick cash. Quite simply, they hit close to heart, these books are ‘real’.

Writers or non writers, may none of us ever be forced to lose our voices. Full speed ahead Phoenix Ark.” Fennec

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