Indies and Indians

Should Independent publishers, especially wanting to step out of their niche boxes, link up again to try and compete with giants, and create the intelligent muscle to find and back startling authors, cut their overheads and make some real noise? Is that a well tested pipe dream in an industry shuddering over mass competition in digital markets? Very nice to hear from a talented Independent in London on our logo though, who I’ll name and champion if they wink at Phoenix:

“I would say the top left as well, notably because it would stand complete on a spine. Checking Firebird’s logo, it does not seem so close as to cause confusion or accusations of plagiarism.

If it is reminiscent of anything, I would say it has some fascist connotation. But then not all who quote Nietzsche are fascists, of course..!”

We’ve tried to reply in the Logo question, but are currently enormously busy!

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