Trying things out and winning prizes

Just had an imaginary slap from a friend, and am well rebuked, so I have taken away a previous post, that’s supposed to tell ‘the world’ anything at all. Whatever the hurt, my duty as an author is to my readers, in the books alone. To inspire, reassure, challenge and entertain. Not to air private indignation, or what only sometimes happens in the publishing world. This publisher is trying on its skin, hence the changed and more readable format, I hope, and everyone alive should feel safe, and happy in their own skin. I’m a bit miffed at having to apologise all over the place for things, for instance cancelling a bear book, in the first place, but if I’ve worried readers and they’ve asked others about it, we they should if it upsets, they can contact me here. Please don’t be worried, life is extraordinary, and so too are stories, and we’re all in it together, though often battling too. The warmest wishes and thanks to anyone who has written to the blog, and though this is a site for several writers, childrens and adult, I hope any let down to my fans is compensated for by a new and free adventure. If, in the coming weeks, a suggestion does strongly affect the course of a story, you can win signed copies of two of my novels, with a serialized, spontaneous act of storytelling in

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