We’re not sure we like the new logo, now fully and ‘professionally’ set in the frame, but we would love to know your thoughts. As, if it interests, we want to create a separate page ‘forum’ for thoughts on Dragon Post, as it unfolds, the whole publisher’s style, and reactions to coming Imprint designs, for Wildcall and Thumbmarks too. Be frank, be critical, be supportive, be whatever you like, though we can’t promise to publish comments. As for different age-range story excerpts up online, The Poet’s Sweatshop is not really for younger readers, though with everything thrown at us nowadays, we believe people mostly read or absorb what they like, and are sure can cope with the meaning of words on a page. In terms of spelling, some don’t realise different spellings in the US and UK. The excerpt from Scream of the White Bears is is in US spelling, other work in British spelling. As for Dragon Post, you must forgive gruff screeds about copyright, below a free story, but it’s standard form and we haven’t worked out the style and size yet! It’s not to put people off, just to make it clear a writer would love to hear from you, but doesn’t want any lines confused, as he works on it. The first little change is that it’s not right an egg-box is delivered from Phoenix Ark. The real publisher is the publisher, the world inside a book, it’s own. So…how about Curly Tail Press? The next instalment rather depends on what the weather’s like in

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