Poets and Polar Bears

Now we’re getting a little weirded out because, republishing a poem by George Herbert today, in The Poet’s Sweatshop, to praise the genius of the Metaphysical Poets, we looked him up on Wikipedia, to discover not only was he Welsh, and went to Westminster School, but he was also Member of Parliament for Montgomeryshire. So what, we’re all linked, as we travel in the world with two languages, side by side, brilliant science, and brilliant ‘spirit’. It may be for particular tastes, but it’s beautiful, a gift to life, and we’re convinced it’s from here the triumphant Phillip Pullman borrowed his idea for ‘Dust’ in Northern Lights, also a land of wounded then femininely rearmed Polar Bears, courtesy of Lyra’s brave heart and silver tongue. You can also read it

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