Saving the World!

Hugely exciting talk yesterday with RainForest Concern and perhaps ideas to come, so watch this space. In the middle of my battles, jokes were made about polar bears, melting ice caps, and wasted paper, and though a story is a story, actually there was a point to them. It’s why I asked a publisher if some royalties could go to an environmental charity, and naturally I was ignored. So, maybe Phoenix Ark can help build that ark to save the real world, trees, biospheres, animals, and endangered storytellers too! It’s all of us, but ‘Larka, where are you now’? Fell has need of you. Actually, camping on a beach in Uist, on the most staggering evening, and moved by people who had written, trying to dream courage back into life, a seal popped out of the sea to say hello, so maybe I wasn’t so alone. Perhaps it was Rurl himself, and all the characters from my stories, and real readers who love them, can join in. When Phoenix says we can’t take submissions for two years, it’s simply practicality, but it doesn’t mean that letters, ideas and links to home made stuff you find thrilling aren’t very welcome, and can’t find a voice here too. Rainforest Concern has a great website and does an enormous amount of invaluable work around the world. There is a vital, new carbon offset calculator, fascinating little films, and some fun things for kids too, and their link is

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