The boss was hugely touched, and spurred on when fans wrote to him and a new, young publisher, here on WordPress. We must say though, in terms of spreading the word, or great stories, the Facebook crowd rather win out! In terms of posting on walls, creating a buzz, moving and shaking, or riding to the rescue, we’re afraid the fearless Facebookers are currently far in advance of the wishful WordPressers. Perhaps it’s because blogging is about one’s own words, work, and writing, rather than other’s, or indeed the crazy world of ‘social networking’, but here we want readers, writers, artists and anyone interested in publishing, and its good and bad practices, to pick up the debate and join the fun, or seriousness. Maybe their work might find a publishing platform one day, and as for readers, writing is nothing without a hearing, and your enjoyment, passion or criticism. Or perhaps it’ll all find it’s way into a Swiftian satire, one day, about creatures in Facebook and WordPress land! Yet, of course, any work must justify itself alone, in the end, everyone is warmly welcomed at Phoenix Ark Press, and as we try to fight and build, the Dragon buzz, although needing to be shared actively with a slightly younger audience too, goes on

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