How interesting reactions to posts have been, and in many ways, although with lovely exceptions, how sad. If people, especially people directly involved, cannot see the awful human harm done, or care about that alone, not so-called reputations or embarrasments, especially among that group of people who knew each other, then the world is capable of pretty much anything. At least I tried, deluded or not, to heal the harm, and only I know what I saw, and why I am not deluded at all. But it remains true people need to see and hear each other properly, and with far greater imagination and care. Quite apart from that, Abrams have, for the moment, destroyed a life and flourishing career, over two terrible years, and the silence of it is pretty much the mark of their injustice. Injustice and hypocrisy are the two worst things in life. Perhaps I can only clear my name by fighting Abrams legally, but it’s no happy road and what would that judgement mean either? As for ‘men’ like James Innes-Smith, with his, Hew, Screw and Glue, they are not and were never worth the candle. But the posts on a wider and more sensitive story have been removed, because a story needs telling properly in a book, to be ever really understood or believed, and involves many themes. I don’t want it half heard, or misunderstood here. If we can drop bombs on each other though, or pollute the environment, causing sickness in others, our words and even thoughts go far beyond the visible, we certainly have a ‘psychic’ and psychological effect on each other, and I do believe in vital connections, instances of telepathy, forms of healing and ideas like holistic relativity. The imagination and words are extremely powerful, and so have to be used with care and awareness, things I lost at times, in that personal and professional wound. Blake knew it, with his ‘I was angry with my friend, I told my hate, my hate did end”. A thousand years ago a scientist would have been branded a sorcerer, but nowadays the purely rational too, and much higher science is not rational in the way we mean it in the everyday at all, can blind us to the spirit and fully human. If there’s truth in what’s so hard for me, it should become only a source of hope, one day, or enlightenment, and the best metaphor of all faiths is seeing and light, because it makes us more remarkable than we sometimes think or allow. If you’ve heard the story, perhaps only capable of being listened to in the distant future, please respect the lives involved now, as I’m afraid my life and my work were so totally disrespected by people so close, especially someone I loved and trusted, and don’t worry about it for a moment. Sorry though, does always seem to be the hardest human word, and sometimes it’s the greatest; like real love. Damn the truly blind, who look at surfaces alone, not inside and out, and see nothing but their own needs, snap opinions and fears. They make the world a bad mirror, that will look back at them one day, while Keats talked of nothing so holy as the heart’s affections. Now on with business, and grasping the future powerfully. A new installment of Dragon Post tomorrow and thank you to those who have stood by. DCD

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