In the meantime, I’ve half a mind to start the Leave Mel Gibson Alone campaign. Not because I know the truth, that’s for a court, not trial by media, but because wasn’t someone in enough pain, who touched that kind of male disconnection inside? He was horrible to listen to, but you can’t understand it unless you’ve been there, or almost there, and the public front is often filled with so much bogus propriety. All is context, and I’m inclined to believe Whoopi Goldberg when she said of UK tv that he’s no racist. Catholic and conservative maybe, very good in Hamlet, and perhaps someone who doesn’t quite deserve skid row. Hey ho, skid row! Jo Orton said ‘never get caught’, but the truth is, never get lost, because hell’s on the inside first, and life ain’t nothing without a woman. Why do we f$%k each other up so much, and project onto each other all the time?

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  1. kate

    what happened to mel gibson?

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