A Letter to a Writer

I’m also publishing this letter today, because just as all those emails from younger fans are an inspiration, so it’s true of adults. I nearly closed the lot down last week, but it’s not just about bloody me, losing touch with what matters in writing, you, and my vanity, or pride, it’s about the defence of the artist too. So I wish those artists and writers would also listen to Phoenix Ark about connection, and join in the debate and new creativity. Real voices are getting lost in the publishing swamp. To change a life is no small thing, so maybe fans will forgive me, and help me change myself back to who I am, or want to be!

Dear David,

Your work is simply an inspiration.

Let me start by saying that I do not read many books. But have read every single one of yours. All of your books have captivated me, especially “The Sight” and “Fell”. When I attended college, I used to travel by train. Many an early winter’s morning was spent passing the time away on the locomotive reading the books. The swift, snowy landscape in which I passed through only thrusting my physical form into the story, where my mind was already captivated. I have never forgotten the feeling of suspense and admiration I have for your characters. You have changed my life. And as an artist, share my utmost respect for you.

I am also a very devoted wolf lover, and would like to say that your books offer a much over-looked glimpse into the vulnerable nature of the often misunderstood creatures.

I long to see these fantastic stories perhaps come to the big screen, and to read your new work!

Lifelong Fan,

Thank you Tiffany, your letter is both moving and lovely. DCD

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