A reader just called one post ‘seriously unhinged’, I think my ‘Letter to an American Editor’, although he kindly asked if I was ok! There were moments of becoming almost unhinged, two years ago, but the point is the healing, and if you read the whole story, the harm and ultimate injustice that was done to an author over so long is very important to talk about. I could say a great deal about the whys and hows of human psychological hurt too. Otherwise, the being ‘ok’ bit is really about getting a writing life back on the road. You cannot know, until you get into a situation where our most basic rights, or assumptions of freedom and decency, are so challenged, how appalling it can be. Out of a situation of intimacy and personal friendship with three people, it was really terrible. I won’t say anymore now, it’s all been said in various ways, cultimating in the facts of the ‘case’ in a Letter to a Court, but the only good it can do is being allowed the privilege of freedom of speech here, in a blog. I’ve said before, at least WordPress believe in the First Ammendment.

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