Two very helpful thoughts from a reader. Firstly ‘the Phoenix rises from the ashes, but doesn’t rake over old coals’. Well put, although when your whole writing life has been dismantled, over three years, those coals are not so old. Secondly, some posts misrepresent the talent at Phoenix. Maybe it’s true, although a blog is just a way of talking direct, and from the heart, not a finished novel, nor a completed work of non-fiction. I’m also concerned that younger readers might be upset by things I’ve said though, so the majority of posts about Abrams have now been password protected. Not only do I think I’ve a huge case against a publisher, simply as an author who was so badly mistreated, but a story about words and actions in a fantasy novel, becoming real in actual fact, are startling, and possibly important, so any adult reader who wants to know about ‘the strange case of Abrams’, can write to me here for the password.

It’s time to get on with real work, storytelling, and trying to overcome the past by looking to the future. DCD

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