From the founder: When I start to look again, and remember a story is no longer mine, but yours, it fills me with courage, yet anger at what’s happened. It’s fantastic what people have done out there with my books, and we are all in the talent business together. Several producers have shown interest in Fire Bringer, The Sight and Fell, published by Macmillan, Firebird and Abrams, though nothing has happened officially, and I hope to make a stir for my stories, and Phoenix authors. One piece of work that roused me to pick up a pen though, rather than a sword, is this on Utube and to cloudsgirl, bravo for your fanwork, it’s lovely! There are many out there that really inspire, like Rebelstardawn, make me proud of you, and of myself again. If people and companies are blind and deaf, let’s do it together, use Fell and Larka’s voices and the call of the wild to set up a real song, but have a look at this and others

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  1. Barb Barker

    David – Thank you for this link. It was wonderful and shows what could happen were one of your great books made into a movie. “The Sight” was the first book of yours that I read and have been your devoted fan ever since. I continue to hope “Scream of the White Bear” will somehow be printed in the very near future. Pllease never, ever give up! You have hundreds of thousands of fans behind you – I promise you! – B

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