This introduction will appear, slightly amended, in all the books printed by Phoenix Ark. There are thoughts of also limiting print runs, to make them special editions, and so little collector’s items too. The story of the Press is unique in itself, and we hope all our books will be. They will first be made available, POD, Publish on Demand, from Amazon, and costs are being reduced to allow for your outlay in Postage and Packing.

A Founder’s introduction to Phoenix Ark Press
(Appearing in Michelangelo’s Mouse, by David Clement-Davies)

This is the first, proud little book to be produced by Phoenix Ark Press, so thank you for buying it. Who knows, one day it may be a collector’s item. The Phoenix is the mythical bird that rises from the ashes, and the Press was founded in London for many fiery reasons. Firstly, out of a personal crises that should never have happened. Secondly, out of the ultimate disrespect to authors that is unfolding everywhere, in today’s world of mass communication, and excessive competition. Everyone is, or should be important in the process of producing a book; editors, designers, printers, and the people who spread the word, and sell the work. But the most important must always be the person who creates the story – the author. Not self-important, but the creative source, so when the author is disrespected, as a writer was so badly disrespected in New York, the cart is badly before the horse. Phoenix Ark is a little publisher dedicated first and foremost to great writers, and to the magic of stories – the storyteller’s publisher. The dream is a culture of respect, communication and artistic involvement, but we know that dreams are very hard-won, sometimes, so we rely heavily on you, the reader, to spread the word. Forgive us too, if there are any errors in our first efforts, but see it as something as raw, and from the heart, as the work itself. Thank you for reading, and for joining the story. DCD 2010

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  1. Barb Barker

    Hi David – I love the idea of Collector’s Editions from Phoenix Ark Publishing and hope to have access to them via Amazon in the near future. I read your short excerpt from “Michelangleo’s Mouse”. It looks to be a treasure in the making! The best to you.. – WiseWolf2

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