David – Thank you for this link. It was wonderful and shows what could happen were one of your great books made into a movie. “The Sight” was the first book of yours that I read and have been your devoted fan ever since. I continue to hope “Scream of the White Bear” will somehow be printed in the very near future. Please never, ever give up! You have hundreds of thousands of fans behind you – I promise you! – B

Dear B,

I’m sitting in London, working on a little fable of a mouse who meets Michelangelo, and persuades him never to give up, exactly like that. I think about giving up daily, but with sweet emails like yours, you so help the fight. It shouldn’t be a fight, an author should just be writing, but there we are. Scream will take a little longer, I fear, but I am thinking of trying to bring it forward. That bit of fan art fires me everytime I see it, and so do readers! Somehow I need to bring those readers here.

All my best,

David Clement-Davies

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