And another thing, Dear reader…

Quite apart from the emotional trials and tribulations of any ‘mad’ authors, the work is what counts, and it means a great deal to have your support. So please comment on Michelangelo, Dragon in The Post, individual blogs, or excerpts, in any way you like. The argument with Amulet was partly about the spirit of the work not being honoured and the right creative environment being throttled, in such horrible circumstances. It’s the electric current of creativity, the unblocked flow, between author and editor, between author and reader, that is essential. Artists can be absurd, too, yet I think it was Donatello, or some sculptor, who, when asked for the time spent in relation to money paid, smashed the piece and cried ‘that took me a lifetime!’ Writers shouldn’t be so temperamental, but please start pressing those Like buttons, or the work and this project may fail!

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