Many apologies for continuing delays, especially with new instalments of Dragon in the Post, but apart from crashing computer systems, pretending I’m an International Corporation, and failing to raise cash, I’ve discovered the miracle of Inkscape, which as a design package is astounding. Since I went head to head with the control freaks in New York, I now realise part of it was about an ache to be directly involved creatively, beyond the long-distance-running sort of loneliness that so affects authors. Oh the joys, not only of writing and conceiving a novel, brilliant or awful, but then designing a cover, finding a facility for banners, logos, whatever, and then seeing work moving towards being realised again. Beyond that, while trying to create your own cottage industry publisher, there are the pearled pleasures of not having to listen to some moronic agent, or even a brand-slotted editor. The only draw back of course is money! Still, hardly the only thing in life. What is absolutely essential to a writer though is the belief that partial work will actually get to some kind of audience. Much coming this week, from instalments to catalogues. A ‘Founder’s Blog’ logo has also been created to distinguish personal posts from the work of the Company. DCD

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