Many apologies for taking so long with Dragon In the Post, below, but many discoveries are being made. Not to compare you, dear reader, with a fish from the Foundless Sea, but they say if you’re not hooked by the first three chapters, a tale isn’t worth the telling. Well, I’m hooked, and want to know what happens, which I don’t know yet, if you see what I mean, so more to come. A very big thank you too, to some special people. To Dinah, in Texas, to Tiffany Bertrand, to Bill, who gave us our very first Donation, to Barb, who generously overpaid us, to Marcin Dabrowski, for working so hard for the love of what he does, and very genuinely, to anyone who has written to the Blog, whether encouragingly, or scolding an excess of anger, or personal revelation. That warmth, generosity and care, the pure inspiration of some of your letters, has literally kept the founder going, when he might have given up on the story a long time back. A thumbs up to WordPress too, despite not always answering queries, for believing in the First Amendment, and creating such a brilliant and adaptable creative tool. We’re very far from there yet, but not even the Black Warlock will stop us now!

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