Dear gentle reader,

if you’ve been touched at all by the thrills and spills of a madly determined fantasy author, and a struggling little phoenix of a publisher, as the bitter cold frosts the window panes of involvement, love and connection, spare a passing thought for the Bob Cratchit of literature. His hands, in his half fingered woolen gloves, are crabbed with toil, his weary, tear filled eyes dim to the normals joys and camaraderie of powerful publishers, or indeed the common laughter of engaged humanity, at this very special time of year. Which is as much to say that he needs not a steaming jug of Smoking Bishop, nor even a pay rise, but a kindly word of recommendation. So you perhaps might bring a few friends, especially younger readers, just one or two each, even by navigating that link button in your email and by copying our url into the box that appears, to send to your chums, and suggest they take a peek at Dragon in the Post.

Though on the reading page, linked below, there is a Donation button, it is entirely free, and poor Bob must believe in the power of the word, you see, to strike a blow for writers everywhere, and if it’s any good, perhaps a story really is a gift. Old Harry Potter did it, by word of mouth in the schools first, or so the story goes, before the marketing juggernaut took over. Perhaps it is no good, and like the mounds of crumpled paper surrounding our Dickensian computer at Phoenix Ark Press, it should be consigned to the dustbin of eternity. But Bob thinks it is rather good, though he dribbles a lot, and has grown fond of it too, poor fool. Yet even the humblest clerk or scribe needs, now and then, to feel the electric current of direct connection, between author and reader, to feed the flickering fires of creativity. A very Happy Christmas though, Holidays, Hanukkah, and the rest, and God Bless us every one!

Phoenix Ark Press

To see a little related movie, although featuring our favourite Phoenix, and join the dragon story as it happens, click

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