Don’t panic is the message from Margaret Atwood to authors trying to survive, at a recent technology conference in New York. In a generous, modest and totally straight presentation she talks about the ‘publishing pie’, and how writers can ever take a decent slice, even to subsist, and what happens if the internet becomes a phenomenon where so much is expected to be free. It stirs many emotions about a New York publisher and our founder’s books, but was inspiring when she talked about how many authors start by being ‘self-published’, showing her own attempts as a six year old. To watch a hugely impressive author and a fine mind click


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3 responses to “DON’T PANIC!

  1. I’m afraid the decision is being forced on a publisher, and an author, by lack of funds.

  2. This was very interesting. Thank you for the link.

    It appears you are ahead of the game having set up a publishing company that specializes in ebooks?

    I am with Margaret Atwood, preferring the choice , and especially with the soon to be published “Scream of the White Bear” – would like a hard copy of it.

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