How interesting that Barclays Bank in the UK have just refused a small business loan, both to back an established, award-winning author, with 300,000 sales behind him, and a whole little publisher. Despite billions in profits, reported scandals about paying little tax, and their glossy adverts on TV purporting to be at the heart of Mr Cameron’s Big Society, backing 4 in 5 start-ups, not only was it a no, but the potential interest rate was absolutely punitive. So what are the realities for real but small business people out there, as banks are reporting more record profits, continued bonuses, and harder and harder lending requirements? For the little guy, the small business, those absolutely key links in finding a truly healthy and not top-heavy business community and society, there are reports everywhere of doors slammed, and people being financially throttled to death. Vince Cable was absolutely right, that although banks are not charities and have to assess risk, the banks need to be forced to use some of those taxpayer ring-fenced profits to support people and good, viable new projects everywhere, especially those entrepreneurs who want not only to support themselves, if allowed to, but generate jobs, not to mention sales, ideas and real culture. Or perhaps the gurus behind the desks should have asked to read David Clement-Davies and Phoenix Ark books before assessing that risk! Barclays has a very bad name, from some of the people we’ve talked to, and we are starting to believe it, but will they ever take the lead and show a more reasonable and visionary way, unless somehow forced? If regulation isn’t the answer, then something is needed to shake them and wake them up. Where are you Vince Cable, and what is the Liberal-Con alliance really doing to help and protect?!

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