Phoenix Ark are delighted to announce the publication of a brand new book by best-selling Children’s author David Clement-Davies, Michelangelo’s Mouse. The enchanting story of a little artistic mouse called Jotto, and his great adventure with the Renaissance genius Michelangelo, it is a lesson in belief, fighting on, art and courage and how to become famouse! For reading ages 7 to 11, but to be read by parents too, it is a wonderful romp, written with charm and huge humour, and all the story telling brilliance of a great animal writer. Young and old will delight in the first new book to be published by David in three years, brought exclusively to eBook and available from Amazon.


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  1. Dear Bill and dear Reader,

    you are quite right, but it was only to advise that Michelangelo is a story for younger children, so not to lead anyone on a path where they were expecting another epic.

    All best,

    Phoenix Ark

  2. Bill

    Hold that last thought. Thinking what your readers and supporters may wish to read is not a good idea.

  3. At the moment, as we announced earlier in the year, the difficult publishing climate means we can only take Phoenix books to Kindle. We are trying to deal with that for non Kindle users but please bare with us. Many apologies for any disappoinment, although Bill, we think Michelangelo may be a bit young for your reading age. Though we firmly believe great stories are for all.

    All best wishes,

    Phoenix Ark

  4. Ezra

    Is scream of the white bear perhaps on ebook somewhere? If not, dooo it. I really want to read it.

  5. Bill

    Only kindle? other formats coming for us non kindlers?

  6. Bill

    And available from…?

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