We’ve just downloaded kindle for pc, instead of racing out to spend £150, which again underlines that ‘readers’ are nothing at all but little platforms, though the success of actual kindles is because people like to have a ‘thing’, just like a book. But access to the story could be from anywhere, laptop, pc, mac, home computer or physical, portable readers like a kindle, nook, Ipad, etc.

It is a complete nightmare for ‘professional’ writers and for publishers too, because it has thrown open the doors to so much product, how does anyone choose? But it underlines what professional publishing is, so much about design and marketing now, most vitally getting books known and talked about. But with readers leading the field in America, publishers are in turmoil, wondering what to do.

What they should always do, as Macmillan did in fighting Amazon’s attack on pricing, is hold their own and their ground, and keep on believing in great story and writers and artists too. Because in the end it is the powerful stories that readers will turn back to, however they get to them and feel most comfortable enjoying them.

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