Well, we are now reading the bestselling eBook author John Locke, at Phoenix Ark, and it is bringing up many things, and not in fact our breakfast! Written in that ‘can-do’ American style, unashamedly sales orientated and brash, it does make some vital points. firstly it is completely in favour of eBooks and ‘self-published’ authors, in the face of a huge Publishing hypocrisy out there, and frankly, how can you do the thing at all if you’re not? So while Phoenix Ark has shared some authorial pain and indignation, perhaps that needs to stay inside book covers now, because what we really want to share is the success and the quality of our eBooks.

Secondly, it always reminds the writer of the reader and what they and you want to see and read. It is why the founder David Clement-Davies is announcing that as a writer he is turning back to what he does best, his ‘brand’ if you like, and that is fantasy epic and vivid animal stories. It is why Phoenix Ark have just published Michelangelo’s Mouse, which really contains the spirit of the whole big adventure and why we will publish Scream of The White Bear this year.

But Phoenix Ark Press itself has a brand. That brand is always GREAT STORY, and why we call ourselves the Storyteller’s Publisher. It really is built by artists and writers, for artists and writers. As a result what we are selling is hugely readable, page turning fiction like The Blood Garden and Ice, both very adult novels, but with a highly imaginative, even literary edge. That word ‘literature’ can put so many people off and yet it is only the life blood and tradition of great storytelling, and if the story does not work then the book will not work. Do check them out, under our Thumbmarks label, because you can’t know until you try and we always want to hear what you think.

The final thing is we love your engagement and very much want to hear from you. So please press those Like buttons, but also just contact us directly at the blog with thoughts, comments and reviews. Our writers are nothing without their readers. More John Locke thoughts to follow, positive and negative.

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