In the vein of not allowing the Phoenix Founder to hurt himself anymore by returning to the past, we have now sectioned David in an enormous Palazzo in Rome, with huge sunny windows, lots of dancing girls, nice chesse and good wine, and told him to read Faust again – not Marlowe’s, Goethe’s. We have also awarded him an imaginary, life time-annuity for trying very hard, too hard, sometimes, while suggesting he turns his hand to comedy – making the jokes, not being it.

To be serious, we are delighted to publish something else from POLLIPIGGLEPUGGAR, hopefully to be read between adults and kids, by David Clement-Davies


I saw a Comet last night – a Comet shot passed my bed.
“Where are you going Comet?” I said.
Hang on then. Hang on to your tail – 60 million miles long.
Wow, now we’re in space, my Comet and me.
There’s planet Earth – round as a football,
Blue as a whale in the sea.
It’s like my bedroom with the lights out, up here in space.

Look, there’s the Moon with a clown girl’s face.
Hello Moon.
Somebody’s left flags on you.
You’re better than a spacehip, Comet.
You’re a huge ball of ice, Comet.
I’m riding a giant snowball flung through space.

There’s Venus up ahead and, see, that’s Mercury too.
Help. Here comes the Sun.
You don’t like the Sun, do you Comet?
It makes your ice melt.

Come on then, off we go again, back passed the Earth.
Then out…out into the Solar System.
And there goes a spaceship floating along.
And satelites too. Satelites sending messages back to the Earth.
Where are you going to, satelites, out on your own?
Mars. YOU must be Mars. All fiery red.
Is there life on you, Mars?

Hello Jupiter, you’re a BIG planet. And Saturn. Beautiful Saturn.
If I could jump that far, I’d run right round your rings.
Look. There’s Pluto up ahead. You’re the last planet, Pluto.
And out there….
Are the stars.
All the stars I see from my bed.
Up here you look like giant fireworks.
And, LOOK, Galaxies too, spinning around.
You look like wonderful STARFISH.

A Black Hole’s like a bath tub, Comet, with the plug pulled out.
It swallows everything up.
It can pull out a planet thinner than spaghetti, Comet,
And then throw it to the other side of the Universe.

Isn’t the Universe everything there is, Comet?
So if that Black Hole swallowed us up,
Like spaghetti,
And flung us to the other side of everything
Then where would we be?

Would there be somebody living there like me, Comet,
Looking up through their window at the sky?
Or would I have three noses,
And two heads,
And sleep upside down in the middle of my bed?
You don’t know, do you comet?
You’re just a snowball, flung through space.

But I’ll tell you a secret, Comet. Just between me and you.
I get lonely sometimes, too.

Hey Comet, did you see? There goes an Alien, waving at me.
Goodbye Aliens, we’re going home.
And there’s Earth again, bigger and bigger.
That’s where I live, Comet.
I think I’ll get off now, Comet, if it’s O.K with you.
And there you go again, Comet, shooting off through the stars.
Goodbye Comet.
See you in 4000 years!

Copyright David Clement-Davies 2011. All Rights Reserved.

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