Kindly warnings about not returning to ‘the past’ are all very well, but fundamental human and also major publishing principles have been horribly breached, and for any individual rights and wrongs, in the nasty machine people are losing touch with each other, and real lives. So only connect and make something right. The team may wrestle the ‘Press This’ button away, but when do you start telling the truth and when do you stop?! Oh I know, that old ‘best friend’s’ quote – ‘you couldn’t handle the truth, buddy’. The truth does not have to be that we all merrily get ‘Hewed, Screwed and Glued’ and the system is either what we make it, or suffer because of it.

Now Herbert the Kitchen Phoenix, a name probably drawn from the most attemptedly decent person at Abrams, Howard Reeves, is taking a holiday from pointless blogging, a true story will be left here and ‘the world’ can think what it likes, it always does! DCD

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