Phoenix Ark are delighted to publish another poem from PollipigglePuggar, to be read to children by their parents.


Are you scared of the dark?
When you shut your eyes, are the windows full of witches?
Does that book, that’s sitting by the bed, pop open, all on its own?
And does a monster jump out, straight into your head,
Or is that shadow on the wall suddenly a GIANT, mean and tall?

Don’t be scared. It’s only a dream.
And dreams are really fun, if you know HOW to dream.

So next time,
Rush to bed, snuggle up,
Then shut your eyes tight and say, very softly indeed,
“Hello dream. You’re mine and in MY dream I’m going to…..”

Dive with dolphins, climb a tree,
Eat a Jelly fish for tea,
Balance buckets on my knees,
Find my pillow’s made of cheese,
Build a snowman, fly a plane,
Leave my trainers in the rain,
Score the goal that wins the match,
Show my goldfish how to catch,
Be a film-star, kiss a frog,
Teach my teddy bear to jog,
Join the circus, rob a bank,
Make a pirate walk the plank,
Win the Grand Prix, sail a boat,
Own a castle with a moat,
Get to school by red balloon,
Ride a spaceship to the Moon…

And those are just some of the wonderful things you can dream
When you go to bed tonight.
Because dreams are all yours.
But if, now and then, your dream doesn’t turn out quite the way you wanted…
Dreams are just you, working things out.
And they can’t really hurt you. Ever.
But, if you ARE scared, you can always close your eyes and…

Take that monster to the park,
Leave him out there, in the dark,
Ride a broomstick ‘cross the night,
Paint those silly witches white,
Make that giant do a jig – be a giant, twice as big.

But if that book ever starts to open up again…
Just put it outside,
In the rain.
Then snuggle down again and dream…

Of eating snow-flakes, counting sheep.
Then drifting gently off to sleep.

Copyright David Clement-Davies 2011

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