We thought a blog about the newly named Cyberverse and Anders Breivik was a little inappropriate, although hits at Phoenix Ark certainly rocketed. However, the ‘debate’ has already begun, although the Norwegian Prime Minister was dignified and impressive about how Norwegians are coming together, both to grieve and support one another.

‘Gruesome but necessary!’ is the even more chilling way Breivik has described mass murder, with all the arrogance of the little though hugely inflated mind. What is worse, the attack on young people, the distorted logic or the blatant attempt to get media attention? No comparatives needed, it is simply horrifying. The ‘debate’ is whether his trial should be a closed session, precisely because it is the opposite of what he wants. Convicted criminals are denied certain normal ‘rights’ and even the most tolerant societies like Norway draw certain lines through tolerance. Of course, provide all the due processes of law, but do not give someone a platform that would exactly justify murder and extremist acts. No doubt he will get much attention, his ‘hearing’ over the years, it is what the media both rightly and wrongly does, and they have already found his 1500 page ‘manifesto’. As for any deep ‘soul searching’ Breivik clearly wants though, it is probably not needed in Norway at all. What is needed is a restricted door on patent lunacy and manipulation, then a great deal of healing. We are sure the Norwegian authorities will show him far more compassion than he showed so many people. Though perhaps Norway is mature enough to hear it loud and clear, with an open trial and just turn its back. It of course also depends what ‘open’ means, namely open to print journalists or tv. The ultimate Breivik lesson though is that ‘terror’ can come from any extreme quarter, so rather than confirming any anti muslim fear or hatred, or proving anything at all about an undertoe of Right Wing extremism in Northern Europe, perhaps it is the perfect object lesson on how we always need to defeat a climate of terror and fear itself, precisely by coming together to condemn and grieve.

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