This is a letter that really makes me sad, and I had enough sadness over a love story and publishing horror in New York. Lynn, if I could have raised investment in Phoenix Ark, or Abrams had not done what they did, it would be coming out in Hardback. I agree, writers and readers love real books and all they mean. Since it has been my month of secrets, I’ll let you into another secret, I don’t really want to be a publisher at all, nor should I be, I just want to be allowed to write and create. DCD

I have waited so long for Scream of the White Bear to come out, so dissapointed
that it is not coming out in hardcover. I have read all your other books and
truly enjoyed each one. It’s still nice to sit down and hold a real book in
your hands that take you places you’ve never been, new technologies are good but
not for everything. Please bring it out in hardcover.
Littleton, Colorado


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2 responses to “A READER’S LETTER

  1. Valentina

    So sad when I read that Scream was not going to be published in paperback, but I really hope that it won’t be available in digital version only.
    I’d really enjoy to have it physically!

    Valentina, Italy

  2. LynnAnn

    DCD, Hold on to your passion of writing and creating. You touch alot of people’s lives with the talent you have been given. Stick to your beliefs and hopefully someday your path will be clear. Also, thanks for listening….
    Littleton, Colorado

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