Why try to talk to someone 3000 miles away, as I did, by sending a copy of THE SHIPPING NEWS, except in the belief that art really means something vital, my own and other people’s too. I had a belief that it might resonate at a publisher, among people supposedly there to cherish art, and its creators. It was about my kind of falling in between, certainly, but also about male ‘badness’ potentially in everyone’s past and lives, and the fear it generates deep in the psyche. A film basically about love and redemption, it is archetypal about the man finding full responsibility in action, and the ghosts of the past being swept away. Oh that people would listen to the whole story at certain times, and not the easy lock gates of the crititcal and defensive mind, because love and trust are all kinds of faith. I still can’t get tickets for Kevin Spacey’s Richard III at the Old Vic though! DCD

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