There you go, what more wonderful story for an animal writer than the BBC’s new series on Black Bears, with Chris Buchanan. The Canadian researchers were wonderful, when the little bear cub Hope got seperated from its mother Lilly. They thought a wolf or cayote had taken it, and were as distressed as if it had been any human being, perhaps more so. We’re animals too. Then came the moment they found Hope up a tree, coaxed it down with milk ‘on a stick’, and it nearly bit the researcher’s hand off. Put in a cat box, little Hope was hissing in fear and anger, with raw, wild fury and emotion. Hope escaped and the reasearcher had to lead Lilly back to her cub, wondering if she would accept it again, after so many days. The reunion, the sudden recognition, the crying bonding, the raw tenderness, would bring tears to the hardest eyes. Gives you Hope!

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