A long time ago I blogged something on standing up for Mel Gibson. Not because I know who he really is, but because the quickness of people to disassociate themselves with the difficult is often filled with an awful hypocrisy. Also because he did a very good Hamlet! I don’t believe he’s a racist, but above all it was extremely painful hearing that pain and rage that came out of him, the collapse of language, since it echoed my own loss of self down the phone to New York. The delight of the public trial, seeing someone brought low, the quickness of the tape to get out there, and the stoneiness of that passive, judging and rather superior American voice ‘You don’t love me,’ sent shivers down my spine. Shivers of shame, but also sympathy.

How he went wrong, but how people might understand why and how men can go wrong, so rage, or get lost. How the force of a strong spirit can get so tyrannical and so wounded too, projecting the feminine outwards entirely, but desperately trying to hold on to it. Look inside first. That is not to commend what can happen, but surely thugs on the streets in London might point to the need of good male role models nowadays. It was one of the things that odd crew called The Mankind Project is talking about, not about ‘them’ and ‘us’, but difference and finding male respect for the really masculine, and using it to mentor and grow. One friend who did it made a telling comment, which was ‘I thought I had a problem with women, but it was really with men.’ If you don’t respect men, for whatever reason, how can you find the confident one in yourself and take it to the person you want? He had not grown up with a father, but is now a father himself. So dads, remember to mentor and even initiate your sons in how to hold onto the truly strong, and so gentle and confident male stuff. But as for the Save Mel Campaign, he really should not play with glove puppets!

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