You know, it’s ok for a writer to go from the heights to the depths and back again. It is the territory of art, as long as it’s turned to art. But what DE PROFUNDIS human pain do we really understand nowadays? Power is often ripe with hypocrisy, and while, in our hyper rational and, because of it perhaps far more ruthless Universe, we speak of the ‘right thing’, when do we speak of the whole thing, or the place of the soul? Not an eternal soul, for me, but the eternal repetition of energies and great or sad stories. The myths we don’t value or understand anymore.

We see so much horror, so much the mass struggle, we have abandoned the language of true tragedy too, which is the reaching individual’s, and so true understanding and compassion. To me an American publisher’s treatment, in those circumstances, voided any real understanding of the value and the purpose of people and of art completely. But all my books too have talked of animal nature and instincts, and the problem of free will. Not everything in life is a choice at all, not about ‘rights’ alone, indeed if you watch The Code, we are all driven by factors that if you reduce everything to the mere ‘should’, or the fake propriety, is a complete insult to the soul and spirit, temporal or religious, in our supposedly Christian or forgiving culture. An insult to love and meaning itself, not to mention an insult to art. DCD

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