Ok, ok, I know, this is no real way to value culture, my own readers, win again, or live, and fans quite rightly have their favourite authors and loved books too. Allow a bit of wit, but the truth is Lauren Myracle was charming, Michael Buckley was a nice bloke, so was I, once, and I haven’t read those other books, except bleeding CBGBs. The truth is, well, you know the truth now, along the Yellow Brick Broken Dream Boulevard of one Girl’s worryingly hard and straight lined New York City, or two girl’s, unbelievable or not. Or do you? There were some Flaming Lips to it, was some deep soul, was a great deal of madness, though sadly not of the kind in Dr Zhivago, ‘Yuri’s alive and I’m mad with joy!‘, but love can actually be rather a bore, especially other people’s – much prefer an ordinary and creative life. Off to get one, one day, and must stop living in memory or movies, especially Half Nelson! Just climb, and climb, and climb, until you see the sun and the moon and the stars again. The big soul connection of everything.

ps Joanna Lumley, on Holy Mountain in Egypt, is charming, human, modest, warm, highly intelligent and lovely.

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