People often don’t like Grahame Greeme because he was a Catholic. I think books like The Quiet American are amazingly insightful, sad and moving, personally, culturally and politically. But I’ve always wondered about the miracle written into End of The Affair. Do we believe it, take it as pure fiction, or is it there to simply make us wonder? Back to Einstein perhaps, and changing language, and seeing everything as a ‘miracle’, or nothing as. No one around me would believe in at least the possibility of good miracles, of healing and connected energy, despite their talk of God, and out of such harm, and simply went on blocking terribly. It was awful in such a situation. So maybe I just have to start the believing, in the positive and not what seems to define and dictate so many beliefs, namely pure fear. Even believing in ‘Catholicism’, although I prefer Tai Chi. To me it means believing in yourself and others, and the whole of life’s extraordinary adventure, life’s feast, in good energy and the best we are when whole, man and woman together. It generates light and understanding, not to mention life. But we are not fixed in time, pinned by careless and destructive labels, we’re like plants that need many things to grow and blossom, and to make that happen in each other too. Yes though, in fact a quiet sorry from another person would be a little miracle, an act of true awareness, and very creative. DCD

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