Audrey Niffenegger, as it happens an enormous fan of an ex’s, and author of The Time Traveller’s Wife, had it so right just now about Social Networking, blogging and the internet, at the Edinburgh Book Festival. It is often like people shouting at each other, with little time to think, digest, pause, and really create. It is often actually a threat to the real value and power of the written word. But novels are considered things, and so are their ‘creation‘ at and by a publisher. They are living things, in a way, and in all my rants I have always said that Abrams did books beautifully. That’s why it is such a bitter pill to swallow. I have the beautiful edition of Audrey Niffenegger’s novel in pictures, The Adventuress, at home, with its gorgeous green felt binding. I only wish she might use the magic of words and stories to write about men, stop time, and pen The Time Traveller’s Husband! As Shakespeare said ‘Wishers were ever fools‘, but perhaps a poet should always value the foolishness of the heart and keep valuing it, to the end of time. DCD

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