‘Onward and upward. Still looking eagerly forward to Scream of the White Bear. As long as you still write, we’ll still listen.’

Lhuna, onward and upward is what Michael Jacobs eventually said at Abrams, after such a pointless and bizarre battle, before I asked my ex and editor for peace again, or some respect, but then walked away, when it was refused yet again. In fact ‘heaven’ isn’t quite ‘upwards’, on a planet spinning round and around in Space-Time, as The Flaming Lips have it, and it can be with one another. Thank you Lhuna, I’m a grown man, who sometimes feels about twelve now! I’ll try with Scream, only to Kindle I’m afraid, but it is not exactly a book that fills me with joy, being connected to so much sorrow and darkness. So much human blindness too. This attempt at publishing too, and trying to do it alone, or turning to a stranger true story, has taken me away from what I’m really good at. But letters from readers like that, up in Scotland when I was trying to find a road last year, or later, have really kept me going, and always touch me. Nice to hear from you, and you’re right, I must turn to real work, not blogs.DCD

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