Making a Serious Splash

Pheeeeeew. Did you see Daryl Hannah being cuffed and arrested outside The WhiteHouse? Who wouldn’t be in love with her for Splash, or Priss in Blade Runner, but now I know she’s an environmental campaigner too, my heart’s quite gone! I’d better grow fins and swim the Pond.

It was only topped by the smile on the New Zealand scientist’s face, trying to save Orcas on a documentary, when they managed to release a Humpback from a tangled rope, and it powered away, snorting water and sunlight. Then watching her and others trying to refloat a pod of beached Pilot whales, and fighting back their tears. The evidence of pollution in the water, getting into the sealife chain was awful and depressing, but we are a very strange and sometimes rather moving species.

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