The Helgra are the warrior tribe in Fell and, even if unread at the time, where it most vitally should have been, it had great meaning in a real and fictional journey.

“Out of time, the Heglra come, loving spear, admiring drum,
Knowing, from the depths of night, how the heart must praise the fight.
Life’s a journey filled with pain, teaching loss in snow and rain,
Death is sure the mortal’s way, change the law of night and day,
Yet the heart must never die, raise your voice and break the sky.
Like the wolf on mountain clear, howl it out through bitter tear,
Everything that lives and dies, longs to find the real prize,
Longs to know what made this place, longs to touch a gentler face,
Fears its nature in the dark, loves the song of rising lark,
Turns to darkness in its pain, shames to feel the sun again,
Knows the finest place of all, proud in sunlight, standing tall.
Search the mountains and the sea, for the truest way to be,
Honour all that marvellous horde, even as you raise your sword,
Men and women know your worth, lest you fail the striving earth,
Then in union bring again, bursting joy from falling rain.
Free your children with your song, teach with love the right from wrong,
Teach them what the poets know, that in loving all things grow,
But that human bonds can make, chains that every thing would break,
Feel instead in brook and stream, how the earth itself can dream,
And that power that passes through, greater than the works we do,
Let it hold you safe and strong, like a hand with tender bond,
Breathe a breath so deep and calm, that no thing may do you harm,
Lest the harm that’s done to you, comes like sorrow in the dew,
And the canker of the earth, robs this lovely life of worth,
Sing this song from heaven sent, thank the world as you lament.”

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