Mr. Clement-Davies,

I’ve read The Sight years ago–when I was in middle school–which was sometime between 2005-2006. After I read the book, my school librarian told me that you were going to visit my school and give a presentation and that she would introduce you to me. I was ecstatic and was very excited to meet you, because you were and still are one of my favourite authors. My school was called Aprende Middle School in Chandler, AZ, if you happen to remember, but if not it’s totally fine. Anyways, since middle school I have read The Sight and Fire Bringer multiple times, both being in my list of top 5 favorite books. Your books have made me want to write for a living, and I have excelled in my writing classes in college, but I can’t seem to stick with an idea for very long. Which is okay because my true calling is graphic design, but I always enjoy writing short stories and your novels continue to inspire me. I just learned that you have a new book called Scream of the White Bear, but it’s not published in the States? Do you happen to know when it will be published? I’d really really love to read it
Thank you for being an amazing author and for writing awesome books

SincerelySara W

Dear Sarah,

how great of you to write such a nice letter and I sort of remember the Middle School. I remember touring with great fondness. So glad to have you as a fan, to have such a high ranking and to inspire a little. Bravo too on your writing and passion for graphic design. Don’t worry about Scream being published in the States though, it isn’t published anywhere yet, due to metaphysical ‘murder and mayhem’ with my publisher in New York. I have told readers I am trying to get it out this year, to Kindle though, and if I do I hope by Christmas. At the moment I am taken up with finishing a French Revolution story, for our revolutionary times, and as for your holding things in your head, that can be the challenge and writer’s graft. As for Scream, I may try to take it to truer publishers and better friends, so get it out in conventional form too. We’ll see, but it is long and challenging. Anyway, thanks so much for writing and being a fan.

very best wishes, David Clement-Davies

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