The Channel 4 programme tonight, courtesy of that supreme hypnotist Derren Brown, in his new series ‘The Experiments’, was both extraordinary and terrifying. He hypnotised an ‘ordinary’ member of the public, which clearly means one most susceptible, to assassinate Stephen Fry on stage. Of course the bullets were fake, but the controlled ‘assassin’ believed everything was real, and was also immediately programmed to completely forget. He went into Marksman Mode, on hidden camera, which had also remarkably increased his capacity on a firing range, and then into Amnesia Mode, and went through with it right to the end, with Stephen Fry’s public collapse, complete with fake blood capsules.

But the point of the show, beyond the raw entertainment, was Robert Kennedy’s assassination in the Kitchens of the Ambassador Hotel on June 5th 1968. The assassin Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian immigrant, claimed, a claim still maintained in prison, that he did not and does not remember a thing, and for weeks before too, except the famous woman in the Polka dot dress. Polka dots where also used as a trigger by Derren Brown to bring on his subject’s hypnotic trance. So pointing to mind control programmes, to train and operate assassins, including those like MK Ultra, which were operated by the CIA.

Derren Brown’s mastery is to open up the whole truth to the public, probably as extraordinary about the human mind as any illusionism, but this programme must surely lead to a reinvestigation of the Sirhan Sirhan case. There was the theatrical element in Brown’s experiment, one of familiarity too, namely that it was still done in a theatre, where Stephen Fry was talking, and that the subject also believed he was participating in one of Derren’s TV shows, in a different capacity. But it was hugely convincing and very chilling indeed. Can Brown re-hypnotise such a person as Sirhan Sirhan – refused parole repeatedly, partly on the grounds of not showing enough remorse, let alone recall – to remember more of those tragic events, if that is what happened? Though if it was mind control, as now has been proved is entirely possible, the sinister truth has probably been long hidden in the files of secret controllers, who ever they might have been.

Phoenix Ark Press has published an article on Allen Dulles, WWII hero in Switzerland, much loved internally and lionized CIA Director, lawyer at Cromwell and Sullivan, and someone who during the Cold War became involved in assassination programmes. The CIA developed out of the OSS and Roosevelt’s proscription they should use any means, including Black Ops, to fight the Nazis and a World War, at every level. Dulles became supremely adept at it in Switzerland, the model for the character in the film The Good Shepherd, but it was of course Bobby’s brother, JFK, who famously said of the CIA that he wanted to ‘scatter the organisation to the four winds’. Dulles was also involved in programmes like Operation Mockingbird, to influence the American Media against his and the West’s post war obsession, Communists.


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  1. Keeep on writing, great job!

  2. Jake

    I saw this last night on C4. I wonder, could this be used as evidence in the Sirhan Sirhan case?

    • Hi Jake,

      not at all sure. Suspect it would involve many complex rules of proceedure and may not be substantial to the case itself, involving specific new evidence. I guess even at the time there were ideas about hypnotism or mind control, so new evidence would have to be considituted by someone discovering evidence not that it was just possible, but that it was actually operated on Sirhan. Such is the law.

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