Phoenix Ark Press have it on indisputable authority that members of the serving Foreign Office, and probably the Intelligence Services, are not allowed to watch Spooks. Pity, because not only is it fun, despite some silly, very melodramatic bits, but with a real finger on the pulse. It began as a very creaky series and got better and better, tempting in Simon Russell Beale, although Peter Firth is the star – humane, intelligent and well acted – but now it’s over. With a human ending, on betrayal, love, the tragedy of lies, Double Dealing and redemption denied. Last minute stuff, to the wire and worthy of the Production Company Kudos. No, start a public blog to bring back Spooks, and let 5, 6 and the FO watch it too! It’s only human.

Ps with the lines ‘Cal, cal, give me the synopsis’ and the witty answer ‘bad people want to kill us’, don’t worry too much, they seem to have set it up for a full return, the Spooks!

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