Dedications are not often talked about as part of books, but if you look in the dedication page to Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets you will see it reads like this:

“For Sean P. F. Harris, getaway driver and foulweather friend”.

Perhaps many of us need ‘foulweather friends’ at the moment, but JK Rowling has often talked of the trouble she found herself in, how long it lasted, and how she found out then who her real friends were. In The Times this weekend Lionel Shriver also wrote a rather good piece on the deep hurt of friendships gone bad, just as important, perhaps even more so, than physical relationships, or love affairs. So here is a Phoenix Ark Press list of fair and foulweather friends! The foulweather of course are the real ones, there in hard times and they have been the most unexpected and surprising.

Sarah Van More
Harold Rove
Tara Break
James ‘Iago’ Smith
Hugh Whitworth
Paul Simkins
P Mount
Lottie Reynolds

Lady C
Dinah P
Tim B
Kate and Saint James
Bill and L
Dr S

Any one who has so kindly written to the blog.

So a brand new idea too, which is an invitation to become a Friend of Phoenix Ark Press. One day we’ll try to get you the badge, the sticker and the T-Shirt!

The idea is especially to help get Scream of the White Bear into print, as many fans would like to see it, namely not just to Kindle. You can Donate above, and it will only be used for that specific purpose, or you can just give moral support and share in a little community. Perhaps you can see it as a kind of books and culture club. Either way, if you sign up as Friend of the Press by writing with enormous enthusiasm and absurd passion and warmth to us here, you will receive a heartfelt thank you, a free copy if you donate, and your name in print too, in the dedication page, when and if (!!!) the book comes out.

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